The blackbird (Turdus Merula, origin of the Thurdin family name) as depicted in the official seal of the Municipality of Robertsfors, Sweden.

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Seal from Bygdeå Church (reproduced by Walter Asplund)
Parish of Bygdeå
Bygdeå Church
Priests of Bygdeå (L. Bygden: Hernösands stifts herdaminne [1923])
Bygdeå Hembygdsförening (local history association)
Bygdeå-Nysätra Släktforskare (local genealogy association)
Municipality of Robertsfors
Thurdinska Gården / Bobacken 7:3
Bygdea Blog
The Thurdin name has its roots in Bygdeå, a historic parish situated on the Baltic Sea, 40 km North of Umeå,
in the Province of Västerbotten, Sweden.

Nils Nicolaus Petri Turdinus (c. 1550-1626), a priest in Bygdeå Church, was the first person to assume the name
which originates from "turdus", the Latin name of the thrush. (The thrush family is called "turdidae";
"turdinus" means thrush-like; "turdus merula" is the name of the blackbird.)

The blackbird formed part of Bygdeå's early parochial seal, and following centuries of modernization, the blackbird
today remains the hallmark of the Municipality of Robertsfors where Bygdeå is located.
The original seal possibly dates back to the 14th century.

Turdinus later became Turdin/Thurdin and Trast (Swedish for thrush) as the name was adopted by non-priest
family members.